Keeping Central Valley Mobile Auto Detailing’s Brand Tuned

At Central Valley Mobile Auto Detailing, we pride ourselves on keeping customers’ cars looking good and well-protected. Earlier this year, we realized we needed to do the same thing for our brand that we do for our customers’ cars. It had been awhile since we’d taken the time to perform some basic brand maintenance, and it showed in our website, logo, and other places.

What’s New?

You’ve likely already noticed our snazzy, streamlined new logo, as well as our updated website that looks good on mobile, provides detailed service explanations, and includes a gallery of our customers’ coolest rides.

Our website might look different, our logo might have changed, but we’re still providing the same outstanding customer service, products, and knowledge that you’ve come to expect from CVMAD. We’ve also added ceramic coating installations for the Fresno area, and we’ll be rolling out paint protection film (aka clear bra) services sometime soon.

Whether you’re an everyday, fleet, or supercar driver, trusting us with your Camry, Accord, Lamborghini, or Ferrari, we still take the same pride in detailing your car that we always have. We’re just going to look better doing it, which is something we think all our customers can appreciate.

– Brandon Mazgedian, Owner, and the Central Valley Mobile Auto Detailing Team

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